Prescriptive Centre for Assistive Devices

The APCB is a Prescriptive Centre for assistive devices, a recognized part of the Prescriptive Assistive Devices System (Sistema Atribuição de Produtos de Apoio - SAPA). The Support Devices are systems and devices that boost an individual’s performance and participation capacity, allowing for greater autonomy and well-being in the course of daily life activities.

Electric wheelchairs with positioning systems allow for greater autonomy and involvement as a promotional boost with an individual’s wellbeing
The APCB evaluates the suitability of an assistive device for each person and their life situation, assisting with product training and handling, working alongside clients over time to raise to the highest possible level the benefits of each device.

Assistive device in study phase
This form of treatment envisages forewarning, acclimatizing, rehabilitating and completing a person with neurological adjustment, so as to improve functionality, social and professional participation in line with the individual and their own specific characteristics.

ImagesAPCB thanks all its clients, families and workers for kindly allowing their personal image usage for the illustration of the services provided by the organization.